STOP Jocelyn Benson's Vote Fraud Scam

Save the Absentee Signature Match: STOP Jocelyn Benson's Vote Fraud Scheme!

Jocelyn Benson's Michigan Department of State has announced a proposed "regulation" that would complete gut the ability (and obligation) of election officials and poll workers to verify the signature of absentee voters.

Absentee ballots are the largest source of election fraud, according to the Carter-Baker Commission Report, and signature verification is one of the only safeguards to ensure the integrity of the ballots.

Under Benson's proposed rule, almost any signature would have to be accepted, and the rule itself actually provides a fool-proof formula for forgery to fraudsters.

The rule is open for public comment until October 1. Complete the petition below to submit YOUR comment to Jocelyn Benson and make your position known. This is critical, because lawmakers and courts may consider these statements in any challenge to Benson's rule.

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