Painful Reminder: The Biggest Election Fraud Was the Mass Media and Big Tech
by Adam de Angeli      Posted April 9, 2021

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For all the talk about all the myriad ways the Democrats conspired to rig the election, it's easy to focus on the election itself and forget that the biggest source of votes stolen from Donald Trump was the mass media's endless campaign to destroy him with fabricated scandals while doing everything in their power, vastly beyond journalistic ethics, to protect Joe Biden from his real scandals. That, and the social media companies' shocking manipulation of what news the American people were permitted to read on their platforms.

Trying to track of every incident of mass media manipulation would be about as sensible as trying to track particles of sand in a tornado, but one incident rose above all the others: the revelation that Joe Biden's son Hunter's laptop, abandoned at a computer repair shop (doubtless during a drug binge), contained numerous emails detailing Joe and Hunter Biden's corrupt dealings in China and Ukraine.

The story broke in mid-October, shortly before the election and when many Americans were already voting by mail. The details of the extent of Joe Biden's corruption might have changed the outcome of the election -- and indeed, a study showed that it would.

Other than Fox News and outlets to their right, every major network, including the supposedly "neutral" ones like ABC, Associate Press, etc., refused to cover the story. Worse still, social media banned the news coverage, to the point of shutting down the New York Post's coverage of the explosive information.

Even as individuals named in the emails came forward to confirm their contents were authentic, the mass media endlessly repeated the lie that it was some sort of "Russian disinformation" campaign.

It was most egregious case of political censorship in American history.

Now that Joe Biden is safely installed as President, the networks are starting to admit that yes, the laptop was authentic, as they knew all along.

Even when Fox News reported the story about the laptop, they reported on the Biden family's corruption but left out the sordid details of Hunter's personal life.

But now, the Daily Mail has published a lengthy, lurid report on the evidence of Hunter Biden's addiction to crack, meth, and prostitutes. (Warning: graphic images)

It's a painful reminder that the biggest enemy of free and fair election in America is the mass media, and what this means for all conservatives is that we must reach voters across America with the information that Big Tech and the establishment media will hide from them.

The best way to do that, the most methodical way to do that, is grassroots leadership: building local organizations that reach every voter in your community.

Add up all major news networks and combined they don't reach 10% of the public on any given day. Your posts on social media are shadowbanned. Your emails are likely only reaching your like-minded friends.

The only effective way to counter the mass media's lies is to organize locally and build relationships with voters in your community.

And that's what our organization is all about.

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