Ask Your Lawmakers To Support the Rescue Michigan Election Integrity Plan!

The Rescue Michigan Coalition has found 7 sponsors in the State House of Representatives to introduce 7 bills that address the major concerns on election integrity that have yet to be addressed by any other legislation in Michigan.

The bills will be introduced next week, and right now is the time to contact your state lawmakers to urge them to support these bills!

Any House member can cosponsor the bills, and you can ask your senator to voice support for these bills as well. Sign the petition below to urge your state lawmakers to support the bills!

The bills won't be assigned numbers until they are introduced but they can ONLY be cosponsored BEFORE they're introduced, so ask your representatives to cosponsor the bills RIGHT NOW!

The bills are:

Genuine Bipartisan Apportionment of Poll Workers (Rep. John Reilly): Require a clear time window for applicants to be poll workers and an application open to the public, and give first priority to those identified by their local parties as genuine members of the party, second priority to registered voters, and last priority to everyone else.

Prohibit Ballot Tabulators From Being Capable of Connecting to the Internet (Rep. Daire Rendon): Prohibit ballot tabulators from being capable of connecting to the Internet.

Poll Challenger Rights and Worker Training (Rep. Steve Carra): Require training of poll workers and election officials note that impeding poll challengers is a felony, codify the rights of poll challengers, require poll workers wear name tags, provide due process for impeded poll challengers, and allow for poll challengers to video-record any incident that may be necessary for prosecution of infringement on their rights.

Security Features For Ballots (Rep. Brad Paquette): Require ballots contain security features like watermarks, color inks, and microprinting to prevent easy duplication by those who would commit election fraud.

Require Signature Verification Be Open To Poll Watchers and Challengers (Rep. Matt Maddock): All absentee ballot signature verification would be required to occur at announced public meetings where poll watchers and poll challengers could be present and could video record the proceedings as long as they do not expose any ballots.

Canvassing and Document Preservation (Rep. Gary Eisen): The county canvassing period would be extended from two weeks to three, counties with more than 5% of precincts out of balance by more than one vote could not be certified, and county canvassers could rescind certification before the state board of canvassers certifies the election if the canvassers swear their certification was made under duress. The current state requirement for preserving election documents would be extended from one month to six.

Informational Recounts and Spot-Checks (Rep. Beth Griffin): In a recount, so-called "un-recountable" precincts will actually be recounted so the public would have full knowledge of the recounted results; however, it would require a court to apply the recounted total in considering the facts and circumstances of the recounted precincts.

These seven bills are the only bills of their kind in Michigan (and some of them in the whole country). Urge your state lawmakers to support these bills: cosponsor them and vote for them when brought to the floor!

We the undersigned call upon our state lawmakers to support the Rescue Michigan Election Integrity Bills: for House members to cosponsor the bills and for all lawmakers to support them and vote for their passage at every step of the legislative process.

Using the form below, you can easily contact your state lawmakers. It will help you identify your representatives by county and ZIP code, and BCC you a copy of the email.

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