Defend Michigan's Right to Work Law!

Michigan's Right to Work law turned Michigan from the very bottom of state economic rankings to a competitive state again. By affirming that workers could not be fired for declining to pay dues to a labor union, unions became more responsive to the interests of Michigan workers rather than the political machines they once were.

But now, radical Democrats in Lansing want to REPEAL Michigan's Right to Work law, force workers to pay dues, and rebuild their political mafia.

Teachers unions would use workers' paychecks to lobby for a radical transgender doctrine to young children -- and to prevent parents from having any say.

Service employee unions would use workers' paychecks to outlaw competing lower-income jobs -- and put the most struggling workers out of their jobs.

And all unions use their workers' hard-earned money to fund the campaigns of political radicals who will put Michigan back at the bottom of the American economy.

Tell your representative and senator in Lansing to PROTECT Michigan's Right to Work law!

Text of Petition

Whereas, Michigan's Right to Work law has made Michigan a more prosperous State; and

Whereas, Michigan's Right to Work law democratizes unions by enshrining the rights of workers to participate or refrain from doing so; and

Whereas, labor bosses want forced-unionism to allow themselves to be unaccountable to workers and use their forced dues to lobby for the same destructive policies that destroyed the city of Detroit; and

Whereas, in the words of Thomas Jefferson, "to compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical";

THEREFORE, I call on you to PROTECT Michigan's Right to Work law and oppose any effort at its repeal.

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