Stop the Disenfranchising of Michigan: NO National Popular Vote!

Introduced on Thursday, March 2, 2023, the Democrats are scrambling NOW to pass House Bill 4156, which would disenfranchise ALL Michigan citizens of their right to vote for President of the United States.

Under the scheme, Michigan's electors would be compelled to vote for the candidate who won the most votes NATIONALLY -- even if that candidate LOST the vote of the people of Michigan.

Besides being a transparent attempt to overturn the will of the people of Michigan and allow vote fraud in other states over which Michigan has no control to overturn the results of our election, the National Popular Vote would effectively convert the presidential contest in a race for money.

If candidates need to compete in 50 states rather than only swing states, the amount of money needed to win a presidential race would increase enormously. And it would effectively make major cities, most of which are crime-ridden swamps of Democrat corruption, the major deciders in presidential contests.

Tell your lawmakers to vote NO and reject this massive disenfranchisement scheme to corrupt the presidential race.

Text of Petition

WHEREAS, the National Popular Vote is a scheme to make corporate money the deciding factor in presidential politics. By forcing campaigns to compete in all 50 states instead of focus on swing states like Michigan, the amount of money needed to succeed in a presidential race would multiply -- and corrupt financial machines would ultimately determine the result. This is the total sellout of America; and

WHEREAS, the National Popular Vote would have no effect UNLESS the candidate who won Michigan's election did not win the national popular vote. The ONLY effect of the National Popular Vote would be to disenfranchise the will of the people of Michigan; and

WHEREAS, the National Popular Vote would shift the battleground of the presidential race from swing states like Michigan to major cities where corruption and crime are the highest and most common;

THEREFORE, we call upon you to REJECT the National Popular Vote scheme to corrupt the presidential election in America.

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