Tell Your Lawmaker to Support the Impeachment of AG Dana Nessel!

Attorney General Dana Nessel is abusing her power to punish her political enemies, including the 16 alternate Trump electors who exercised their conscience in the aftermath of the 2020 fraudulent presidential election.

She must be impeached and must be stopped. All Republicans must unite and band together to support the Nessel impeachment resolution introduced by Michigan Freedom Caucus Rep. Jim DeSana.

Text of Petition

We the undersigned call upon our elected officials to support HOUSE RESOLUTION 165 to impeach Attorney General Dana Nessel.

HOUSE RESOLUTION NO.165 was introduced to impeach Attorney General Dana Nessel for her crimes against the Constitution.

The resolution states that Nessel "has failed to charge individuals responsible for submitting “clearly fraudulent” voter registration applications while simultaneously bringing felony charges against individuals who she has indicated do not have the requisite specific intent to have committed the crimes charged." It also states that Nessel "improperly inquired about an investigation into a member of her transition team, creating at least the appearance of impropriety."

The resolution chides Nessel for her dereliction for duty with regards to covering up allegedly fraudulent voter registration activities conducted by GBI Strategies in the city of Muskegon prior to the 2020 election. It also blasts Nessel for a vindictive malicious prosecution against the alternate electors who have been charged with felonies for exercising their free speech to oppose the coronation of illegitimate figurehead Joe Biden in 2020.

Rep. Jim DeSana was joined by Reps. Neil Friske, Joseph Fox, Rachelle Smit, Matthew Maddock, Steve Carra, Angela Rigas and Josh Schriver in support of this impeachment resolution. But where is the support of the rest of the Republican caucus?

Fill out this petition which automatically contacts your lawmaker DEMANDING that they support the Nessel impeachment resolution. If not, tell them you will support their primary challenger in the 2024 elections!

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