Tell Your Lawmakers to Support Ballot Security

Michigan ballots contain no security features like watermarks or microprinting, making it easy for criminals to commit election fraud.

In fact, a professional election criminal told the New York Post in 2020 that intercepting and counterfeiting ballots was a major part of his regular operations.

House Bill 4967 would require Michigan ballots to contain security features like watermarks. Similar legislation was signed into law in Tennessee after passing almost unanimously in the legislature.

Tell our state lawmakers to follow Tennessee's lead and require our ballots contain security devices to prevent election fraud!

Text of Petition

WHEREAS, Michigan's ballots currently contain no security features to prevent easy duplication like watermarks or microprinting; and

WHEREAS, it is a documented technique of election fraud to intercept absentee ballots and replace them with counterfeit ballots; and

WHEREAS, there is no method for election officials to detect such counterfeit ballots; and

WHEREAS, the number of counterfeit ballots cast in Michigan elections is undetectable and therefore unknowable; and

WHEREAS, other states have passed common-sense reforms to require ballots contain security features like watermarks;

THEREFORE, we call upon you, our lawmakers, to pass House Bill 4967, to provide security features for ballots.

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