ALERT: How to Stop Mandatory Vaccinations in Michigan
by Shane Trejo      Posted May 11, 2021

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House Bill 4667 (HB4667) would "prohibit producing, issuing, or providing an incentive for COVID-19 vaccination passports." This is crucial legislation, proposed by state representative Sue Allor of Wolverine, that will protect Michigan residents from vaccine mandates whether they are enforced by the private or the public sector.

"This is frightening," Allor said about the prospect of vaccine passports. "In fact, this is terrifying."

"Without a vaccine, without a passport indicating I’ve received it, will I be prohibited from attending my grand children’s school events?" she added. "Will I be prohibited from taking them to see the Detroit Tigers? Will I be prohibited from visiting loved ones that may be hospitalized? And would I be prohibited from going to my local grocery store for food items?"

HB4667 is not the only measure that has been introduced to push back against coercive vaccine mandates. There are a slew of other bills that have been introduced to provide protections against the technocratic policies coming down the pike from the globalists.

State representative John Damoose (R-Harbor Springs) introduced House Bill 4789 (HB4789) to bar any state agency from requiring “an individual to present documentation disclosing his or her COVID-19 vaccination or immunity status to gain access to property owned by a state agency or to receive a service from the state agency.”

State representative Shri Thanedar (D-Detroit) has introduced House Bill 4790 (HB4790), showing that there is a bipartisan coalition forming to oppose coercive vaccine mandates. The bill would bar any political subdivision from requiring “an individual to present documentation disclosing his or her COVID-19 vaccination or immunity status to gain access to property owned by a political subdivision or to receive a service from the political subdivision.”

House Bill 4791 (HB4791) was introduced by Rep. Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers) to ban private employers from enforcing mandatory vaccine policies. Rep. Beau LaFave (R-Iron Mountain) introduced House Bill 4792 (HB4792), or the "COVID-19 vaccination privacy act,” to ban any “place of public accommodation” from “requiring an individual to present documentation disclosing his or her COVID-19 vaccination or immunity status to gain access to or receive a service from the place of public accommodation.”


All of these bills are in the House Oversight Committee, which is chaired by Rep. Steve Johnson (R-Wayland). Here is the contact information from every person on Oversight:

Steven Johnson (R) Committee Chair, 72nd District --- (517) 373-0840 ,
Pat Outman (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 70 District --- (517) 373-0834 ,
Michele Hoitenga (R), 102nd District --- (517) 373-1747 ,
John Reilly (R), 46th District --- 517-373-1798 ,
Jack O'Malley (R), 101st District --- (517) 373-0825 ,
Douglas Wozniak (R), 36th District --- (517) 373-0843 ,
Julie Brixie (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 69th District --- (517) 373-1786 ,
David LaGrand (D), 75th District --- (517) 373-2668 ,
Stephanie Young (D), 8th District --- (517) 373-3815 ,

Please let these folks know that mandatory vaccinations are not acceptable whether the mandates are enforced through the public or private sector. We need to preserve the freedom of choice. If people want to take Big Pharma’s rushed and experimental COVID-19 vaccines, that is their choice but there should not be a myriad of rules and regulations put into place to nudge people into getting the shots.

Send an email and call up these individuals on the House Oversight Committee. Tell them that they must support HB4667 as well as HB4789-4792. Let the lawmakers know that all of these bills must be preserved and passed currently as written to provide the protections that Michigan residents need from the scientific tyranny that is being pushed on us all with COVID-19 used as the pretense.

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