The mission of the Rescue Michigan Coalition is to reclaim the lost liberties of the people of Michigan, rebuild our shattered communities, and restore the constitutional order of representational government in Michigan.

To achieve this monumental task, we focus on the following strategic objectives:

1. Recruiting grassroots leaders to form local organizations in their cities and townships around the state.

In 2020, the Governor of Michigan imposed draconian lockdowns that effectively destroyed our communities. In total violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and Article I of the Michigan Constitution, she deprived the people of our fundamental right to assembly: the cornerstone of our constitutional republic.

By closing churches, restaurants, colleges, and other gathering places, civil society itself has been put in mortal danger. Online interactions over the Internet are no substitute for community. Over the past year, Michiganders have experienced the shortcomings of online interactions. They are no basis for a healthy society.

Michiganders are intelligent and capable of balancing the risk of gathering with the essential need to do so. Indeed, we absolutely must refuse to allow these unconstitutional orders to destroy our communities.

2. Training leadership for every organization and individual that wants to help bring their communities together for the cause of rescuing Michigan.

The election of 2020 has awoken millions of Michiganders to the threat posed by our government, media, and Big Tech to our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Tens of thousands are ready to answer the call to organize our communities, but need training and direction for effective political mobilization.

It begins with basic training community organization: How to identify like-minded people and bring them together; how to run an effective meeting; how to balance the need for open discussion and socialization with specific plans and programs.

It continues with how to grow a larger organization: How to identify and train sub-leaders; how to create working groups; how to recruit and vet candidates for public office; how to organize smart local campaigns.

Finally, it provides a road map for building sound structures for long-term stability and training its own future leaders.

3. Equipping people and organizations with the tools they need, including detailed voter files and the software to use them effectively.

The Coalition To Rescue Michigan will be the only group in Michigan that provides individual volunteers with sophisticated voter files for their own precincts, including basic information, vote history, absentee status, party affiliation, demographic information, and likely position and major issues.

As part of its training program, it will teach grassroots leaders to use this information effectively on an ongoing basis: how to revise and improve the list over time, update it from personal interactions with voters, and put the information to use for future projects and campaigns moving forward.

4. Mobilizing the grassroots in Michigan to get involved in local politics, identify strong candidates for public office, and to open our state through two grassroots leadership projects: the first to re-open Michigan, and the second to reform our election law to ensure the integrity of every voter's ballot.

In 2020, Unlock Michigan was the fastest and most successful grassroots project to restore liberty in Michigan, collecting over 500,000 signatures in just three months.

However, more could have been done in that process to train activists for the long-term effort. The signature collection was treated as the totality of the effort, and once the signatures were collected, the grassroots volunteers that put in the work went back to doing what they had done before.

At the same time, the governor ignored the mandate of the citizen-initiated legislation (and the fact the Emergency Powers of Governor Act was found to be an unconstitutional violation of the separation of powers by the Michigan Supreme Court) and worked around the issue by imposing identical restrictions via the state health code.

With the health code as the last leg for the lockdowns to stand on, collecting the requisite signatures to end this executive power would open Michigan for good, and the effort itself would be an outstanding project through which to recruit, train, equip, and mobilize grassroots leaders to build self-sustaining local organizations that would make future efforts easier with time.

In fact, there is clearly already enough public support for a second effort: to reform Michigan's election law and prevent the massive violations that occured in the November 2020 election.

Despite the media and Big Tech's campaign to convince the public that nothing was amiss, the public is not pursuaded. Huge numbers of eyewitnesses to election crimes such as the massive impeding of poll challengers, and this information has the grassroots across Michigan fired up.

Once we can prove that we have the organizational capability to run a statewide citizen-initiated legislation drive (and in doing so, permanently end the governor's ability to trample on the citizens' First Amendment rights), this should be the next immediate effort.

Through this campaign, we will revitalize citizens' participation in government and train and organize the grassroots movement for victory in 2020, by recruiting and electing serious candidates for public office at all levels to defend and restore our liberty for good.

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