Frequently Asked Questions

How can we contact you if we need assistance?

You can contact us at this link.

Why do you have to charge $35 for the precinct voter file?

The data isn't free for us; we have to pay for every precinct that we obtain and distribute to you. And even if we could obtain the entire file and give it away for free, there would be nothing stopping those opposing our cause from doing so and using it against us. Thus the charge for the data actually works as a security feature.

I signed up, but I don't know what precinct I live in. Where can I look that up?

You can look up your precinct at the Michigan Voter Information Center at this link.

Where did you get this voter information? Is this legal?

There are multiple companies that sell voter data to campaigns, and this data is perfectly legal to acquire. Most simply don't sell it in single-precinct quantities. You may not like that this information is available, but it's been available for political campaigns (and other marketing purposes) for many decades.

How accurate is the voter data?

The data file is maintained on an ongoing basis and updated regularly. Many of the data fields are derived from public records (Secretary of State records for voter history, business records to identify business owners, and so on). This data is highly accurate. Political opinion scores are subject to variety of data sources, and of course, opinions on issues are always subject to change, so no data set can be perfect, but the information is more accurate than inaccurate. Some issues are frequently polled (opinions on guns, abortion, and ObamaCare, for example) and should be pretty accurate; other issues (such as opinion on fracking and Common Core) are less likely polled and more likely modeled. Phone numbers can often change, and people are gradually discarding their land lines, so there will always be imperfections in the phone list, but again, data is better than no data, and the phone list will still include hundreds of valid phone numbers.

Would it be beneficial for people in same township or city to know who else is volunteering so we can work together?

Definitely, and we plan to develop tools for users within a county to be able to contact one another to work together. We will announce when these tools are available.

When somebody updates the data on their file would it automatically update it on the entire system, or just the person who bought the precinct(s)?

The system is designed such that all data coming from users goes into a separate table so that the original voter data file is unaffected. Your own data is only visible to you.

What about if somebody from the other side gets ahold of this and messes up the data? Would you be controlling that?

Yes, we have the ability to undo any changes and no data changes made by the users are visible to anyone except themselves.

What do you need from your supporters?

The most important thing is that you put these tools to use. The effort to take back our liberty in Michigan is won in every community, one by one.

The best thing you can do is acquire your voter file, get together with a couple like-minded friends, and go out and meet your neighbors. Invite them to a local meeting and begin to recruit more activists. And tell others about this valuable tool.

Of course, you can also support Rescue Michigan with a contribution, too.

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