Mike Shirkey Refuses to Get Vaccinated to Attend Lobbyist Conference
by Adam de Angeli      Posted August 11, 2021

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Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey has refused to attend the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce's annual conference on Mackinac Island, citing the Chamber's demand he take an experimental drug as a condition of attendance.

Shirkey already had the Chinese virus, and studies show natural immunity is superior protection than the Big Pharma's experimental vaccines.

"I am extremely disappointed that the Detroit Regional Chamber declined to look honestly at the benefits of both naturally acquired and vaccinated immunity and, instead, opted to rely on an invasive vaccine mandate while dismissing the scientifically proven robustness of naturally acquired immunity," Shirkey said.

Shirkey might have also pointed out how outrageous it is that the Detroit Regional Chamber – a sleazy lobbyists' operation, even by Chamber of Commerce standards – would have the temerity to demand their honored lawmakers take a drug and show them proof as a condition of attendance.

It makes you wonder: How many Republicans in the legislature will allow themselves to be bullied by lobbyists like this?

I used to work for Representative John Reilly. He never attended the Mackinac Policy Conference. (Not to be confused with the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference, although I think he only once ever attended that one, either.)

But the Mackinac Policy Conference is considered a prestigious event by Lansing insiders, and politicians typically enjoy visiting Mackinac Island and partying on the lobbyists' dollars.

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