Stop the "Land Value Equity Tax" Detroit Developer Scheme

House Bills 4966-4970 would create a "land tax equity act" to allow Detroit to -- and only Detroit -- to reassess all of its property taxes and in the name of "equity" raise taxes on land while lowering taxes on buildings.

Pushed by Detroit mayor Mike Duggan and supported by most Democrats in support of his political ambitions, the corporate welfare scheme would be a huge payout to developers.

Tell your Lansing lawmakers to vote NO on this scheme.

Text of Petition

WHEREAS: House Bills 4966-4970 are unconstitutional. Michigan requires all properties be assessed at State Equalized Value to ensure equal tax treatment for all; and

WHEREAS: These bills pick winners and losers by punishing landowners and rewarding developers. This is a corporate welfare scheme for developers; and

WHEREAS: Radically altering a tax structure invariably has unintended consequences and cannot be demonstrated to be "revenue neutral" when the result is unpredictable;

THEREFORE: I call on you to vote NO on Detroit's "land tax equity act."

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