Stop the Michigan Energy Shutdown

Radical legislation from extremist Democrats in Lansing will permanently destroy Michigan's energy security.

Under House Bills 4759-61 and Senate Bills 271-275, 89% of the energy Michigan currently has would be illegal by 2035.

We would be required by law to rely ENTIRELY on expensive, unreliable, and environmentally harmful solar and wind generators and other fringe "renewable" sources.

Although doing so is most likely physically impossible, this "green transition" would create skyrocketing energy bills, rolling blackouts, and a total exodus of manufacturing out of Michigan and into state where they could continue to do business.

The effects on all of Michigan would be catastrophic.

Sign the petition to tell our lawmakers to say NO to the Climate Cultists and vote NO on this package of bills.

Text of Petition

WHEREAS: So-called "clean energy" is not clean. Wind and solar energy pose serious threats to America's wildlife, from endangered whales to tens of thousands of bird deaths from wind and solar generators. Solar panels are made with slave labor in China, cobalt in batteries is extracted with slave labor in Congo, and expired solar panels leach toxic chemicals into the water supply. Solar, hydro, wind, and geothermal energy all requires massively more materials to generate energy than traditional and nuclear energy sources; and

WHEREAS: So-called "clean energy" is astronomically more expensive than the energy Michigan generates today. Monopoly utilities (DTE and Consumers Energy) have a profit margin guaranteed by law, so they are incentivized to lobby for the Climate Cult's green scheme, but the people of Michigan will see their energy bills skyrocket. This will not only affect every home, but every business, every manufacturer, and every school; and

WHEREAS: HB 4759-4761 and SB 271-275 will break the back of manufacturing in Michigan and drive an exodus out of our once-great state;

THEREFORE: We call upon you to vote NO on House Bills 4759 through 4761 and Senate Bills 271 through 275.

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