Tell Lansing Lawmakers: Work for Michiganders, Not Illegal Occupants

The people of Michigan are suffering like never before. Unemployment and inflation are rampant. Public schools have been transformed into centers for child abuse. Bureaucrats demand we surrender our liberty to control our bodies and take experimental drugs to enrich the pharmaceutical industry.

Yet lawmakers in Michigan are busy... trying to pass legislation to issue IDs and driver licenses to illegal aliens.

This is shocking contempt for the people of Michigan that elected them. It's also a terrible policy to condone illegality. Illegal aliens should be deported, not rewarded with privileges reserved for law-abiding citizens.

Tell our lawmakers to STOP House Bills 4835 and 4836.

Text of Petition

Whereas, Michigan lawmakers have a sworn duty to their own constituents, the law-abiding people of Michigan; and

Whereas, never in Michigan history has the legislature faced so many challenges facing its people; and

Whereas, the United States faces an unprecedented crisis at its border, already out of control before 2021 and now a national emergency due to the willful efforts of the Biden administration to condone and encourage illegal immigration; and

Whereas, under federal law, illegal presence in the United States is punishable by removal and a 3-year bar from re-entry for aliens illegally present for longer than 180 days and less than 1 year, or a 10-year bar from re-entry for aliens illegally present for longer than 1 year. Illegal aliens who had been previously removed, but are found illegally present again are permanently inadmissible; and

Whereas, the most basic duty of elected officials is to uphold the law, not condone and encourage criminality; and

Whereas, illegal immigration harms law-abiding American taxpayers and workers. Illegal immigration drives down American wages, redistributing wealth from American labor to corporations that use immigrants. It makes no economic sense to spend trillions on welfare and jobless benefits for out-of-work Americans while bringing in foreign workers to fill jobs in their place;

Whereas, it is unconscionable that Michigan lawmakers would ignore their duties to the people of Michigan to instead reward and encourage illegal immigration;

Therefore; we the undersigned call upon you to vote NO on House Bills 4835 and 4836, and do everything possible to OPPOSE their passage.

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